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Gap Year Abroad

2 posts from September 2011



When I first met my host family I noticed that my Chilean cat, Niki was pregnant, very pregnant. Well, it turns out that only two days after arriving I would watch her have six kittens! What a surprise especially considering I am obsessed with cats (in other words best host family ever). So for the past  month and a half I watched them grow from tiny little orange puff balls to crazy fun adolescent kitties. I figured trying to describe them through writting would be impossible so here is a little video I made for them to introduce themselves.



Starting With A View

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog and first post!

I have now been in Chile for around a month. So much has happened yet I feel like only a week has passed. In other words, it has dawned on me that this experience will be finished before I know it. And I already don’t want it to ever end!

I live on the top of a hill (one of many) in Viña del Mar, the sister city of Valparaíso. When my host family took me home for the first time and showed me my lovely, comfy room, I was blown away by the view. A month later, I am still left in awe every morning that I open my blinds and take in the Pacific Ocean. It’s like a moving painting that perfectly demonstrates Chile's erratic weather. Some days there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the water glistens with sunlight, the next it’s misty and dramatic. Cruise ships, naval boats, small sail boats dot the horizon depending on the day. But by far my favorite are the sunsets. Some of the most unbelievably beautiful ones I have ever seen. Since I could never describe them adequately, this is a perfect time to end my first post and begin the blog with some photos.... 

(You can click on the photos to enlarge them)

038  040

007  010

011  029





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